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I'm a Nikon-to-Sony-back-to-Nikon convert! I'm vert happy to have my D750 back I've seen several videos of decent liveview face detection and eye-AF. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to enable it when I'm not running in auto, which I never do Nikon introduced Eye AF technology - which it calls Eye-Detection AF - to its Z series range in May 2019 via a firmware update. Firmware version 2.0 for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 added the new feature, which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes in the cameras' auto-area AF mode. Then came firmware version 3.0 which added Animal-detection AF, which also looks for dog and cat eyes p.1 #4 · p.1 #4 · D750 Face Detection I've found it works amazingly well with the D810. I've had it nail the eyes at some pretty wide apertures (as long as there was enough DOF to get both eyes in focus.

(Nikon D750, Portrait Picture Mode with +1 saturation, Nikon 50/1.4G, f/1.4 at 1/125 at Auto ISO 720, Perfectly Clear V2.) bigger. This is a huge help for people and family pictures. Instead of having to stop and jockey the AF area selector manually, I can let the camera find the eyes and take care of the focus so I can concentrate on my subject Nikon D750 face recognition and metering is amazing (example pic in text) I haven't done a lot of shooting with my D750 yet, but I took it out to a Pumpkin patch this last weekend. I took a bunch of pics and was very impressed with how many were properly focused and exposed

My Full Length Nikon D750 Tutorial Training Video can be ordered here: http://www.canontrainingvideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id.. The Nikon D750 is an advanced camera with many different menus and settings, and it can be overwhelming for a lot of photographers at first. So, in this article, I want to explain all the camera settings on the Nikon D750 and provide some recommendations for how to set your camera properly Nikon Z 7 & Z 6 Firmware version 2.0 | Mirrorless Camera | Digitutorhttps://imaging.nikon.com/support/digitutor/z_7_z_6.htmlDigitutor: http://imaging.nikon... Viewfinder face detection on the D750/D810 works as follows . . . Thank you for posting this helpful description. I tested a few shots with dogs and spousal unit under poor indoor light. The AF system consistently grabbed something roundish - sometimes an eye, sometimes a nostril, and sometimes a dog nose or black spot on the dog's fur

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Eye detect in the optical finder came in with the D800 or D810, IIIRC. It's basically been on all the upper end cameras since then, including the D610, D750 etc. Don't think it's on the entry level bodies Scroll down or tap on a4 Auto-area AF face/eye detection; Select 'Face detection on' or 'Face and eye detection on' to detect and focus on human subjects or 'Animal detection on' for animals. Alternatively, to ignore faces and eyes in the frame, select 'Off'. Continuous and Single AF Mod NIKON D750 + 70-200mm f/2.8 @ ISO 100, 1/250, f/2.8 Built-in WiFi. The D750 is the first Nikon full-frame DSLR to have integrated WiFi capability. It enables wireless transfer of images between the camera and a mobile or a tablet device or remote control NIKON D750 + Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/15 ZF.2 @ ISO 100, 1/40, f/16.0. I have already covered this topic in detail in my Nikon D750 Buffer article, but if you have not seen it, here is a buffer capacity table that compares the D750 to other Nikon DSLRs, including the D700

Eye AF with D750?: Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850

  1. De D750 is ook volledig compatibel met Nikon's toonaangevende Creatieve Verlichtingssysteem en werkt samen met een reeks veelzijdige Speedlight-flitsers voor creatieve flitsfotografie, waarbij de flitser op of naast de camera kan worden gebruikt. Stevig en duurzaam
  2. An example of the new Continuous Eye-Detection AF in use. (Image credit: Nikon) (Image credit: Nikon) Nikon has also extended the AF detection range for both Z series cameras, which should also.
  3. This video is about D750 focus trackin
  4. Packed with an array of powerful features in an incredibly compact frame, the Nikon D750 is the ideal companion on your shooting journeys. As the smallest and lightest* 1 Nikon FX-format model, it makes no compromises when it comes to performance with an impressive 24.3 megapixels, EXPEED 4 image-processing engine and ability to shoot 1080/60p, Full HD movies
  5. Without a doubt, the Nikon D750 is a very capable camera and most likely will be quite popular for a while. Thanks to its updated high-end autofocus system, which is supposed to deliver even better results than the high-end Nikon DSLRs (including the Nikon D810 and D4S), and excellent detection range of -3 EV, the D750 will be a tool of choice for many Nikon shooters

Nikon D750: Eye-level pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinder - 0.85x magnification - 95% frame coverage - 3.2-inch LCD - 1,229K dot resolution Many DSLR users will probably be likely to shoot through the optical viewfinder, with the camera held up for their attention instead of at arm's length, taking a look at the 3.2-inch LCD, so 100% frame coverage on the Nikon D500 is quite. The Nikon D850 has EYE DETECTION AF TECHNOLOGY thru the viewfinder and the back monitor, and is not a mirrorless camera.In this video you will learn how to a.. It is the first Nikon D-SLR to incorporate focal-plane phase-detection AF, bringing huge enhancements in live view shooting, with wide 273-point coverage and eye-detection AF. And the possibilities don't end there: it offers a rich array of advanced image-making options, from improved time-lapse movies to shutter speeds of 1/8000 to 900 s, and diverse movie functions including 4K UHD/30p with. This Hybrid AF also brings with it the Eye-Detection AF feature which has gained huge popularity amongst mirrorless users. Finally, the D780 sees the 1/8000th second maximum shutter speed come to a more prosumer level full-frame body. This was one of the biggest complains I hear about the Nikon D750

Nikon Z6 firmware updated version 3.00. Added support for ProGrade and Lexar CFexpress memory cards (Type B). For more information, see the Nikon website for your country or region. Custom Setting a4 (Auto-area AF face/eye detection) now offers an Animal detection option that adds dogs and cats to the subjects supported by face- and eye-detection autofocus Nikon D780 vs D750 - What's new and improved on the new Nikon D780 compared to the D750. We go through all the details, letting you know what's different and what's the same

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Nikon D750 AF Points-Courtesy Nikon The D750 offers a single point, 9, 21 or 51 points dynamic-area AF. It also has 3D tracking, auto-area AF supporting face detection, and group area AF Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 51 focus points (including 15 cross-type sensors; f/8 supported by 11 sensors), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. 0.5 to 3 m/1 ft 8 in. to 9 ft 10 in.) Detection range-3 to +19 EV (ISO 100, 20°C/68°F) Lens serv Learn how to setup your Nikon D750 for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. Easy to follow, step-by-step cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings to use with your D750. Get out of auto and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes. Print or save to your phone

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Eye-detection soms wel soms niet Bericht door Ronaldnikon » zo, 29 mar 2020 8:13 +0200 Ik ben dus in het bezit van een nieuwe camera de Z6 met een 35mm Z lens Motion Detection helps you produce sharper results by automatically selecting a faster shutter speed and higher ISO (light sensitivity) setting to compensate for subject movement or camera shake. Motion Detection frees you to enjoy taking great pictures instead of worrying about camera settings Nikon D780 vs. Nikon D750: Top view (Image credit: Nikon) • Nikon D780: Up to 7fps (or 12fps in Silent Photography mode) • Nikon D750: Up to 6.5fps. The new Nikon D780 ups the fast shooting ante to compete with the likes of the manufacturer's own higher-end D850, in offering a swift 7fps capture speed, or an even faster 12fps in Silent Photography mode, selectable when Live View shooting. Thanks to a recent firmware update, Nikon's Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras now include eye-detect autofocus. How well does it work? Chris and Jordan set out to.. Eye detection is disabled when using the viewfinder, but Face Detection continues to work well with the 3D tracking and Auto AF area modes. The next step for Nikon will be to make their impressive Face and Eye tracking available during video recording in Live View - something we've seen Sony achieve on the A7R IV

The follow-up to the much revered Nikon D750, Sadly, Eye Detection and Tracking is only available in Live View, but it does a decent job, even detecting some animals' eyes z6II eye detection vs sony a7III ; bonjour, je voudrais passer de d750 à un hybride avec un liveview tactile, une bonne video et un AF oeil super rapide. Nikon Passion est édité par la SARL Editions MELODI et n'a aucun lien direct avec la société Nikon ou une de ses filiales

Nikon D750 vs Z6 II. The Nikon D750 and the Nikon Z6 II are two enthusiast cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in September 2014 and October 2020. The D750 is a DSLR, while the Z6 II is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Both cameras are equipped with a full frame sensor Eye-Detection AF is also appearing for the first time in a Nikon DSLR, allowing you to track multiple eyes in real-time to nail the focus when capturing images of people. The D780's video capabilities are comparable to the Z6's, with 4K/30 and 1080p/120 options and 10-bit output with N-Log or HLG HDR Nikon D750 vs. D780: 5 years in the making, Nikon's newest proves its worth By Dan Ginn March 14, 2020 The Nikon D780 makes a strong case for being the best full-frame DSLR you can buy

Eye-detection is a game changer for portraiture, especially at wide apertures. Buy (or hold onto) the D750 if you don't need live view, don't care about video, or enjoy being able to trigger remote Nikon Speedlights from the built-in flash Nikon D750: Eye-level pentamirror single-lens reflex viewfinder - 0.85x magnification - 95% frame coverage - 3.2-inch LCD - 1,229K dot resolution Most DSLR users will be planning to shoot via the optical viewfinder, with the camera held up to their eye rather than at arm's length looking at the 3.2-inch LCD screen, and so 100% frame coverage on the Nikon D500 is very welcome

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Nikon D750 vs Z5. The Nikon D750 and the Nikon Z5 are two digital cameras that were officially introduced, respectively, in September 2014 and July 2020. The D750 is a DSLR, while the Z5 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Both cameras are equipped with a full frame sensor. Both cameras offer a resolution of 24.2 megapixels What is the difference between Nikon D750 and Nikon D610? DK-21 DK21 Rubber Eye Cup Eyepiece Eyecup for Nikon D750 D610 D600 D7000 D90 D200 D80 D70s D70 Camera: $0.69: Get the deal: A phase-detection autofocus system is faster than a contrast detection autofocus system Nikon D750 Review: Downgrading from the D800 **First: shoutout to BongoBytes.com for fulfilling my order when - seemingly - all other resellers were backordered =) UPDATE!! As of October 24th, my D750 needs to go in for repair =( The rear lcd is functioning intermittently What is the difference between Nikon D750 and Nikon D5100? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the camera ranking Nikon Z comparison previews: Z6 vs Z7 - Z6 vs EOS R - Z6 vs A7 III - Z7 vs A7R III - Z6 vs A9. Z6 vs D750 - Z7 vs D850 - Z6 vs X-H1 - Z6 vs X-T3. In many ways, these two cameras are good comparison between the old and new generations of Nikon bodies. The D750 represents Nikon's legacy of SLR and DSLR cameras

Eye-Detection Autofocus Is the First Advancement That’s

Nikon Z 6 et Z 7 firmware 2.0 : l'Eye-AF est là. Depuis l'arrivée des deux Nikon hybrides Z 6 et Z 7 en août 2018, l'Eye-AF est la fonction qui a fait le plus parler d'elle chez les nikonistes. « Mais pourquoi Nikon n'y a pas pensé !« , « Qu'ont-ils fait là ?? » et autres « Vous êtes sérieux ?? » se sont multipliés dans les conversations entre fervents défenseurs de. Nikon announced again the development of new firmware for the Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras with eye-detection AF, increased AF/AE performance, RAW video output and CFexpress support (UPDATE: now also the D5, D850 and D500 cameras will have CFexpress support as I already reported back in November):. Development of New Firmware for Nikon's Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras, The Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z

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The D780's menu setup will be familiar to any Nikon user. Aside from minor changes and new additions, it follows the same arrangement as the previous Nikon D750 and most other Nikon cameras. Aside from new additions like face/eye detection, the D780 menu is largely similar to that of the D750 and other Nikon DSLRs The Nikon D750 has been one of Nikon's long-running DSLR success stories, with its affordable price point (and getting cheaper over time), very good all-round image quality from its 24-megapixel full frame sensor and chunky but compact (for a DSLR) styling. For first time full frame camera users, it's one of the best DSLRs currently available Nikon D780 combines trusted DSLR performance with full-frame mirrorless features, including on-sensor phase-detect, 4K video & more. Read all about it in our Nikon D780 review The Nikon D750 is a highly popular and respected camera, but at almost six years old, it was almost certainly ready for an upgrade. Thus came the D780, which looks to be a solid performer that.

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Nikon D750 face recognition and metering is amazing

The D780 uses the same on-chip phase-detection for the 273-point autofocus system as the Nikon Z6, it performs in much the same way as the Z6, including Eye-Detection AF, Nikon D750. The. As you can see, while the Nikon D750 has more complex autofocus tracking algorithms, including Group Area AF, the Nikon Z6 is capable of performing Eye and Animal Detection autofocus, which the D750 cannot do, even when shooting in live view mode Nikon D750 has a 24.0MP Full frame (35.9 x 24 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Expeed 4 processor. On the other hand, Canon 60D has a 18.0MP APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features Digic 4 processor. Nikon D750's sensor provides 6MP more than Canon 60D's sensor, which gives a significant advantage in real life

Nikon D750 Tutorial Training - Focusing Systems - How to

It is the first Nikon D-SLR to incorporate focal-plane phase-detection AF, bringing huge enhancements in live view shooting, with wide 273-point coverage and eye-detection AF. And the possibilities don't end there: it offers a rich array of advanced image-making options, from improved time-lapse movies to shutter speeds of 1/8000 to 900 s, and diverse movie functions including 4K UHD/30p. The new Nikon Z6 and Z7 firmware update with eye-detection AF and more will be officially released on May 16: The new firmware update with the upcoming price drop will make the Nikon Z line a very useful mirrorless solution. Related posts: Rumors: the upcoming Nikon Z6/Z7 firmware update will improve low light focus capability [ Nikon D750. $1,496.95 See it at Amazon Read Nikon D750 Review. Nikon Z 6. $1,596 you can tap to select a point, or use physical controls if you prefer. It adds eye detection (for people) to. Nikon will have one eye on the Canon The current Nikon D750 uses Nikon's highly-regarded 51 The Z6 sensor has a resolution of 24.5 megapixels AND 273 on-sensor phase detection AF. Like the D750 it replaces, the Nikon D780 is a full-frame or FX format DSLR with the Nikon F-lens mount. That means its has a sensor that's the same size as a 35mm film frame. Nikon has also stuck with a very similar resolution as the D750 for the D780. However, the 24Mp sensor in the D780 is much newer than the D750's

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It also uses Nikon's tried and trusted 51-point phase detection AF sensor, though when you use the live view mode it swaps to the 273-point on-sensor phase detect AF system of the Nikon Z 6. This is a lot more sophisticated - and a lot faster - than the simple contrast AF system in the D750 The Nikon D780 replaces the half-decade-old D750. It's a worthy upgrade, but its best new features concern live-view shooting, where the D780 becomes an overweight mirrorless camera

CES 2020: Nikon Launches D780 Full-Frame DSLR CameraNikon D780 Full-frame DSLR for Creators: Rugged, FX 24

Nikon D610 has a Nikon F lens mount and currently there are 309 native lenses available for this mount. Besides providing one of the largest selection of lenses, Nikon F mount also has backward compatibility which means that you can use F mount lenses even dating from 1960s. It is also well supported by the lenses form third-party manufacturers The Nikon D780 is a brand new full-frame DSLR camera that offers a lot of the same features found in the Z6/7 mirrorless range. The D780 has a 24.5 megapixel FX sensor and EXPEED 6 processor, 4K video recording, ISO range of 50-204,800, 12fps burst shooting, in-camera USB charging, and dual SD card memory slots. Read our in-depth Nikon D780 review now.. La Nikon D780 è una reflex introdotta sul mercato nel 2020, come evoluzione della fortunatissima D750, cinque anni più anziana.. Senza considerare la D610, ormai fuori produzione, la fotocamera si colloca nella fascia più economica delle reflex full frame proposte dal colosso nipponico ed è pensata per un utilizzo molto avanzato, seppure non necessariamente professionale Nikon D750 Review - D750 Specifications. TTL phase detection with 3D focus tracking via Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX II; Contrast-detect AF in Live fixed eye-level pentaprism,. Nikon D750: Live View Photography Mode. To enter Live view photography mode you will flip the Live view selector lever to its top position (image 1) and press the Lv button.To exit Live view photography mode, simply press the Lv button again. Figure 12.1A, image 2, shows the Live view screen you'll see first A Brief History of the Nikon D750:. The Nikon D750 FX-format D-SLR has been designed to liberate photographers from previous limitations while giving them more freedom of photographic expression; thanks to a variety of factors. For example, The high ISO performance and the autofocus capability in low-light situations, made possible hand-held shooting even in the dark

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